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Habitat for Artists 2011 postcard

HFA is a collective project that uses the idea of the artist’s studio as a catalyst for mutual engagement between artists and communities. The “habitats” are small, temporary, 6’ by 6’ studios installed at a variety of locations: some highly visible to the local community; others, more unexpected venues for experiencing art or connecting with the process of artists engaging in creative work. HFA invites artists to work in these small, temporary studios. And while exploring their own creative process, the artists engage in active dialogues with a new audience from that location. The public, meanwhile, is invited into a new interaction and discussion about art, the artists role, as well as topics which are pertinent or relevant to that local community.

The studios are made from predominantly recycled or reclaimed material and are reused for each new iteration of the project. During short-term residencies, artists work within certain guidelines setup by HFA, either to consider types of materials used or to connect to a certain site in a new context. These intimate work spaces not only ask artists working in them to explore their creative needs, BUT also act as a metaphor for our OWN domestic needs. How might we be more creative about our consumption of materials, our use of energy and land? Could we be doing more with less, yet still create a vibrant, relevant society and culture? They are asked to consider the questions: How Much? How Little? The Space to Create.

Since its creation in 2008, HFA has partnered with more than 20 different organizations (including schools) and involved more than over 50 artists. Since the first collection of studios on a small patch of grass in a parking lot, HFA studios have been installed in a variety of places, including an art park, a scenic park, an environmental education park, a farm, and expos and festivals in New York City.

Tiny Gallery

2016: Tiny Gallery HFA studio at GREENE Art Gallery Garden, Guilford, CT

Fairview Gardens

2016: Studio at Fairview Gardens Goleta, CA

Century House Studio

2016: Century House Studio Rosendale

Studio for Kids Retreat Center

2016: Studio for Kids Retreat Center, Milan, NY

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